About the pottery

The Old Ticket OfficeThe Maze Hill Pottery was established by Lisa Hammond in 1994 when she developed a range of soda-glazed tableware.

After a trip to Japan, Lisa’s work took a new direction which brought her to the world of Japanese ceramics. As a result, whilst still producing her regular soda-glazed range, Lisa’s body of work now centres around the Tea Ceremony.

In 2009, she moved to Devon and helped set up the Kigbeare Studios and Gallery in Okehampton,  in a beautiful remote place at the heart of Dartmoor.

After 3 years in Devon, Lisa is back at Maze Hill. Production of the soda-glazed  range will resume whilst she will continue to develop her individual body of work.

Working alongside Lisa are two other potters: Darren Ellis and Brigitte Colleaux. They both work with ash glazes and natural materials, and are both making functional ware. Darren has his own wood kiln in Kigbeare where he was apprenticed to Lisa. Brigitte, an ex-student at Maze Hill Pottery,  has been using the small gas kiln to experiment with her various sources of wood ashes and slate.

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