Adopt a Potter

Hi Folks,
It has been a long time since our last post, well before Christmas and New Year in fact. So Happy New Year everyone…!

We are back in the swing of things at Maze Hill. Lisa has made some pots but it has to be said that her time has been mainly taken up by the “Adopt a Potter” charity and other admin duties. Darren is busy writing his essays for his teacher training course and can’t wait to start mucking about with clay again. I have been making mugs, oil pourers, large bowls, vinaigrette pourers and I am thinking of other projects as I write. I want to venture out in the big wide world of sales and crafts fairs this year and I have been surfing the Internet about that, as well as thinking about my display. It is all rather exciting but scary too because this would be my first outing outside my comfort zone at the pottery.

Anyway, what I really wanted to do when I started this post was to let people know about the “Adopt a Potter” charity.

The aim of the charity is to train the future generation of potters and to fund apprenticeships and secure the future of studio pottery. For further details, please visit the Adopt a Potter website. You will find a full description of the aims of the charity as well as the stories of previous “adopted” potters. It also explains how to get “adopted” and what to do if you are a professional potter who wants to “adopt” an apprentice. Finally, there is a section on fundraising: when the next events will be, what to do if you want to donate or help at fundraising events. For example, you can donate by buying one of the lovely tee-shirts in the attached photo. I can also tell you now that the Camelia Botnar Foundation has vacancies for apprentices; look it up on the website.

Please also do visit our Facebook page , say hello, we love it when people talk to us. You may also come and visit us but it is better to call beforehand. Our phone number is
020 8293 0048.


About ashpots

I am a member of the Kigbeare Kiln Team.
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