Darren Ellis’ exhibition at Kigbeare Studios, Okehampton, Devon.

Made In Devon:  2nd to 11th November 2012.

Preview : Friday 2nd November 6pm to 10pm.  All other days 10am to 5pm.

Darren has been really busy making pots for his exhibition at Kigbeare, the studio and gallery in Devon where he spent three years as assistant to Lisa Hammond. It has not been easy, he has been juggling between his move from Devon to London, finding a new job to support himself, settling in at Maze Hill and getting down to serious business for this show.

I remember going to Kigbeare for his surprise leaving party. His van was parked in the driveway and inside were two chairs and some other stuff. He did not have a clue there was going to be a send off for him so he was carrying on as normal, his usual friendly and happy self, ever so enthusiastic about his experiments with ash and locally found clays. You could tell how popular he is by the huge number of people that had turned up for the party !

Darren has been at Maze Hill a couple of month now and it is wonderful to have him around. Both of us are using ash glazes so it is nice to have someone to talk to about ashes and to compare results. Our work could not be more different; it is really interesting to see what the other one is doing and how they are using their materials.

There are four of us now working in this small space: Lisa and Ellie, her new assistant, Darren and myself. Somehow we manage not to step on each others toes  and work gets done in a dynamic atmosphere. It requires some kind of orchestration and tolerance which we all seem to be endowed with. There is a good positive energy flowing around and it feels good to be there.

As well as working and teaching two beginners evening classes at Maze Hill, Darren is teaching and working as a technician at Bromley College.  I imagine that he is very popular with the students, making them feel comfortable by throwing a few jokes around but he also takes himself seriously and really tries to give them a good start and improve  their skills.

He has worked very hard for this exhibition. His first firing was not to his standard, in fact he incurred a lot of losses but rather than give in to despair, he set off to work again, with only a few weeks to come up with more work. This is what I call determination ! And it paid off ! The next firing was very good indeed despite problems with the reduction being weaker than normal. There is a very nice selection of varied items, well worth the visit !

So here we are , let me introduce Darren …

Darren Ellis packing up his pots for the Kigbeare exhibition.

And his pots….

Darren packing up his pots for the exhibitionDarren and Ellie, Lisa's new assistant.

Shino bowls


Large celadon jar


About ashpots

I am a member of the Kigbeare Kiln Team.
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